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I Fucked Nurse Monika at my home

This is latest experience in my life and I am 30 years of age, in those 30 years of age and I have enjoyed 12 girls, now I have married my wife become pregnant, so she went to her mother house near Managalore. I have old mother, she can’t do anything without help of others, so I decided to appoint home nurse. I search every place; finally I caught one and agent recruitment services accept to appoint one home nurse. They say to take charge on Sunday morning 10 am. So I am waiting for home nurse, my home calling bell rang sharp 10 am, I surprise to open the door, a beautiful women standing behind the door and she tell to me I am a home nurse and I welcoming her and I take to my mother’s room. And asked about her and her name is Moniya her native is Mettupalayam. Her agreement says and she was stay in my house for 4 months and I was happiest man in that day. She immediately take some medical examiner about my mother. She is 5.6″ height. She is medium size body and she is around 25 to 30 years of old. Light white complexion and she early working in the major hospital. Surprisingly she is widow. After taking charges she did all our house work like my wife. We have a one servant, she come in the morning and preparing some food, wash the cloth & utensils and went to the other home. So, we have not worry about the food. I’m waiting for the chance to enjoy her. One fine Saturday night around 9 pm my mother goes to sleep by the help of sleeping tablets. I was sitting in the upstairs’, there was a long steel piped sofa on the upstairs Moniya will come to the upstairs and she wearing light blue colour saree and black colour blouse. I welcoming and say to sit the sofa, she refuse and she stand near the steps. I build my confident and say Moniya today you look so beautiful, the dressing also very beautiful and I like you. She can’t say anything meanwhile I stand up and walk near to her. I was stand very closely about her and say last 3 days I can’t sleep because about your beauty. I never see the women like you and if you are accept, his night is and I am so happiest man in the world and I put the hand in her shoulder lightly. She never answer any of these words and suddenly she refuse my hand and she walk in the steps very fast and I think about that, this activity makes so many problems, I slowly walk to my bed room while I walk I have see the both side nobody are there where Moniya gone. I have lot of questions in my mind and I watch there was a light in the kitchen. I understand Moniya is there but I can’t see her face. I enter my bed room I can’t lock my bed room. I switch off the tube light and switch on the bed room light slowly lay down the bed and think about Moniya, Suddenly a door open sound. I wake up on the bed surprise Moniya is there with cup of milk. I have nothing to say anything. Moniya came near to me and put on the cup of milk to near the table. She apply the perfume, the perfume smell was so good. Moniya slowly talk about her life. Her husband has died in 1 weak after her marriage, there was an accident at ooty. Before her husband died, her husband give enjoyment in all night, she only take sleep in the day time only, because her husband went to the job these incident had been done in the last 8 years back, after that she only concentration with her job at hospital. First time she takes some relaxation purpose she accept the home nurse work. Moniya said that I like you are look like my husband for the first time and I see you in that on Sunday. I have shocked how it possible, you are absolutely looking like my husband, but my husband colour is black. I think my mind says don’t waste your time. I put my hand to her shoulder and say ok Moniya past is past let’s enjoy this day as husband and wife. I put another hand to her face and slowly kiss her lips and Moniya hands are covered in my body. She tight her hand so I can’t kiss the lips lightly I kiss as like as French kiss and I kiss all round the face and neck my hand get down the catch the boobs, she refuse that and stand up and remove the saree, my goodness what a great structure. I stand up my hands are suddenly catch the hip and I again kiss her face , neck and slowly come down and kiss the both boobs. I was very much excited and I smash the both boobs and put her to laid down the bed. I remove my shirt and lungi. I start to open her blouse but she refuse and she has been removed her blouse and her petticoat. Wah! What a structure, slowly I have kiss the face, neck, boobs, hip and I again start kiss with the bottom of the leg to up to her beautiful blue colour panty. She moaning mmaa and I remove her panty a great sight to see a cleaned pussy is there and I lick the pussy softly, she again moaning in loud voice ahhhhhhhhh mmm issss. I hear some sound I turned back, she say nobody are there, mommy having sleeping medicine she gone in deep sleep.

I think some cat. I agreed that and start lick and move to the front and open her bra a two beautiful whitest melon is there, I can’t control myself I start smashing the boobs. She moaning again mm hhhhhhh come on. I have pain. I slowly stopped and I massage all over the body, meanwhile I remove my brief, our both body are getting naked, this make more heat produced from our body. I say you lick my rod, she say no not now, I need more. So, I can’t wait for that I put her legs widely and I kiss her lips very deeply, meanwhile my other hand took my rod and insert the pussy, she again moaning while I am kissing aaahhhhh. I release my lip and I start fucking slowly, she moaning again ooohhhh no gradually. I have take speed fucking, she can’t control it she say please to keep slowly but my condition is very excited. Now I say this is my 12th women before and I fuck 11 girls most of the girls are keep her pussy very dirty but Moniya keep it pussy in clean manager. She moaning say fuck it slowly and she pulled me, I come to the present position and I fuck very slowly and say to Moniya lets we fuck in sitting position, she immediately accepted and I take my rod slowly. And help her to sitting position both we are taking right position and put my rod in to her cave and immediately I fuck her slowly meanwhile Moniya have love this position and she hug me very tightly and enjoyed her. I understand she loved this position and start fucking in full speed, she moaning ohhh is ahaaa ah after 8 to 10 minute after I say that let we go to the standing position and she again immediately accepted because her leg are having pain. I take my rod and again I help her to standing position, I watch her full naked body of the Moniya this make my rod get much more temper. I insert my rod again to her cave and start fucking she again moaning loudly haaa is come on after 8 minutes. I pulled down her in the bed and continue to fuck she again says enough please and I have more pain hhhaaaa issssss then I try to release my gum to her cave, after 2 minutes of gradually fuck I release the gum. She moaning again mm is hhaaaa, then I take my rod relax it and immediately we both gone for sleep. I wake up in the early morning 5 o clock and I watch that a fully naked Moniya was sleeping. I touch her boobs and slowly massage it, while I massage the boobs she slowly wakeup and she smiled and hug me and she kiss me very strongly, after kissing I say one more in that morning. She say not to take more time, you mom will wake up. I understand I insert my rod in to her cave and gradually fucked for 10 to 15 minutes then I hear some sound in the outside, so I release my gum again to her cave and take the rod. She gets ready to know the mom position. I used Moniya everyday this is my recent story held august 2012. If you are interested while I get feedback comes from your side, I will tell my 11 excited sexy incidents happening in my life.

Updated: February 16, 2016 — 7:32 am

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