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Kumar first experience with banjarahills aunty

Hello folks, I am a regular reader of StoryzBook. As this is my first story please forgive me for any mistakes. Coming to the story; my name is Kumar from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. I am studying my b tech final year in a local college. I am an smart looking guy with average gym built body having a height of 5feet11inches. As my relatives stay in Hyderabad. I usually go to Hyderabad to visit them. It is on 06-03-2015 an incident had changed my life. Whenever I visit Hyderabad I usually take bike and roams around city. On the day it was night 10:30, my bike has taken by my friend. So I went to the nearest bus stop in Banjarahills and waiting for an auto. Even after half an hour I couldn’t find anything by the time it was 11:20 and I called my relatives and said that I am staying at my friends place and will return by tomorrow afternoon so that they won’t get any tension.

Nearly after 10 min a BMW X1 came slowly passing the bus stop lane and stopped at some distance. I was so curious because cars are my passion, so watching it constantly for 5 min, then driver got down from car and took an auto and went away. I can’t understand anything and thought that it was a bomb. But suddenly passenger door has opened and a middle aged lady of around 37-40 yrs has got down from car and with an angry face came to me and asked in a pleasant voice that “excuse me would you do me a favour” From here onwards conversation as follows
I: Yes mam, what happened?
She: My name is Roopa (name changed). Do you know driving?
I: Yes mam I know very well.
Roopa: Then if you don’t mind can you please drop me at my place in Bangarahills. I had a quarrel with my driver as he is drunk. So I scolded him for drunk and drive and he left leaving me in this middle of the road. I know only a little bit of driving not perfect.
I: (thinking for a moment) OK madam come on so that I can get a chance of driving such an expensive car.
I started car and we started moving to her place. She insisted me not to drive fast as she has some tension. I said ok and driving car at a slow speed.
After nearly five minutes of silence, she broke the silence
Roopa: So what is your name?
I: Oh sorry forget to tell my name, I am Kumar.
Roopa: It seems that you are student (still studying)
I: yes haa! Not a bad guess mam, B.Tech final year.
Like that our conversation has continued regarding my personal details and my hobbies and my interests and so I too asked her the same and finally we reached her place.
I: OK mam nice to meet you see you mam and going to leave.

Then suddenly she called me by name and asked me for a cup of coffee or tea. I said no thanks mam, But she insisted asking me and said that she will satisfy only if I drink a cup of coffee or tea as a return favour. So I went in and sat on the sofa. The house was very big and well equipped with lots of imported furniture and many costly decorative items. I said that the house is so nice and whoever the architect has a very nice taste. She blushed and said that while handling me the coffee, it was her own taste and she studied architecture. I complemented that she is multi talented and again she smiled and we discussed for some more time and she asked me why I am alone in the bus station. I told her the situation and she thought something in her mind and went inside her bedroom. It was nearly 20 min passed and yet she doesn’t come out. I called her initially at a low voice and gradually my pitch is increasing, yet there is no response. So I went inside to check what happened and then a sound is coming from the bathroom and the door was not closed completely. I peeked through the door and saw something that was amazing. She was masturbating by lying in the bath tub completely nude. It was the first time I saw a women nude. She is breathing heavily and keep finger fucking fastly, then suddenly she exploded. I came back and sat on the sofa like nothing happened. She came back after 10 more min and asked to have dinner with her as she is alone. I replied that I will leave now. But she asked me where will you go now here there won’t be any transportation available at this time and also you said to your parents that you won’t come till tomorrow, come on don’t hesitate for having anything here, she said with a wicked smile. Then we sat and have dinner and all the time I was watching her sexy assets while eating.

After completion of dinner, we again sat on sofa and chatted for some time. Suddenly our topic has changed to girlfriends and she asked me whether I had any. I replied that no. And what about you! She said that she had a boyfriend before marriage and after that no. And she asked me whether I was virgin till now. I was shocked and thinking of what to say, she said that don’t feel. Think me as your friend and like your company just feel free with me. I said yes I am virgin and with some courage I asked her whether she was virgin at the time of marriage. She smiled and said no. I asked then who broke it. It was my bf and regularly we had sex whenever we got a chance. But after the marriage it stopped. I said when it stopped it is still continuing with her husband na. She said that her husband is always busy in earning money and doesn’t satisfy her and started crying. I put a hand on her shoulder and started consoling. While crying she leans over me and started slightly pressing her breast against me. I was feeling rock hard in my under ware and my slowly she is pressing her chest towards mine more and my little friend is trying hard to come out of my under wear. She too noticed it and slightly pressing it with her elbow. The scene was amazing and with a sudden intention I gently started rubbing her shoulder and she too started enjoying it.

With a sudden push she kept her mouth on my lips we French kissed for nearly 15 min by that time we are in sweat and I started removing her pallu from her saree and she too started undressing me by kissing only. It takes for another 5 min and we were completely naked. Then I saw her beauty so closely and she has a figure of some fat but fat at right places. I gone mad by seeing those breasts and started chewing them and biting their nipples one by one exchanging positions. She is mooning lightly and parted from me and bent down and started giving blowjob. It was an exciting feeling and I came in 5 min in her mouth as it was my first time. Meanwhile I was pressing her boobs and she licked my cum from my dick and got up. Then I took her pussy in my mouth and started licking her pussy. She was mooning heavily by this time and I never stopped it. I licked her pussy for nearly 15 min and she said that she is coming, but I didn’t stop and kept continuing it and she came out in my mouth along with her piss. I drank it and French kissed her and exchanged our saliva. By this time my dick also got erect and ready.

I said now it’s time for the final game and slowly entered her pussy, it was so lubricated with her cum and mine entered it freely. I started with slow strokes and gained speed and continuously ramming her pussy for 10 min and again we changed our positions to doggy style and this continued for nearly 15 min and in the mean time with one hand I was pressing her boobs and with one finger I was fingering her anus. She was moaning heavily and I am about to come. I increased speed and continuously ramming like a machine and came inside her and fell on top of her with two fingers still in her anus. She gave a satisfied smile and said that this was the best fuck I have had in my life and slept on that bed only with hugging her. In the mid night again I had got up and by seeing her wet pussy I again got in mood and started to lick her pussy she woke up and started to give me hand shop then we shifted to 69 position for another 10 min and slowly entered her pussy again. This time I took an oil bottle from cupboard and lubricated my cum and her ass well, slowly inserted in her ass. She started screaming and said to stop but I stopped for a moment and started giving small strokes and gradually inc
reased my speed and this time instead of screaming she was enjoying it and mooning. While fucking I inserted two of my fingers in her vagina and started finger fucking her and she was in immense pleasure and again she had got organism. Like that we fucked for nearly 4 times that day till morning 10 am and slept.

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